5 halloween costumes for black girls

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So much for sweater weather!! Here’s 5 easy DIY costumes you can wear this Halloween!! 👻 🎃

Links to each costume
1. Bumblebee from Teen Titans 0:18
Black Tank Top, Two Scrunchies, Black Tights/Leggings, Yellow Belt, Gold Cuffs, Cardboard, Yellow Fabric Paint
–Tutorial 1:08

2. Number 5 from Code Name Kids Next Door 1:43
Red Cabbie Hat, Blue Shirt, Gold Hoops, White Sneakers

3. Connie from Steven Universe 2:14
yellow shirt, denim overalls, pink shoes, pink hat

4. Penny Proud from The Proud Family 2:52
Pink Cardigan, White Blouse, Burgundy Skirt

5. Reggie from Rocket Power 3:31
Purple Wig, Red Lipstick, Red Sunglasses, Pink Shirt, Camo/Cargo Pants, Transfer Paper
–Tutorial 4:11

Thanks for watching!!!