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Need some super cute & easy last minute DIY Halloween costumes?
◀ My minion and stick figure GIVEAWAY!:
Which one is your favorite costume & which one should I be for halloween? Let me know in the comments!
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& here is what you need for all the outfits 😉

1. Stick Figure
-white Pants & White Shirt
-Black Duck Tape/Elastic/Paper/Scissors/Glue/Sharpie
-Black or White Shoes

2. Watermelon
-Red Dress (I got mine from H&M, F21 has ones too!)
-White Shoes (Already owned… payless)
– White & Black Adhesive Fabric Paper (Joanns Fabric Store)
-Green Felt (Joanns) or you could use green adhesive paper
-Super Glue (Joanns)

3. Modern Day Snow White
-Blue Shirt (H&M)
-Yellow Skirt (Forever 21) You can use yellow pants if you want!
-Red Shoes (Forever 21)
-Apple Fabric (Joanns)
-Old Stud Earrings
-Bird Necklace (American Eagle)
-Red headband
(Any animal jewerly will work great!!)

4. Minion
-Yellow Shirt (Forever 21)
-Yellow Leggings (H&M – Juinors dept. XLarge, haha)
-Black Gloves (Already owned but H&M & F21 both have)
-Black shoes or boots
-Yellow Beanie & Minion Goggles (Halloween Spirit Store)

5. Gumball Machine
– White Shirt & Red Skirt (Forever 21)
-Pom Pom Balls (Joanns Fabric)
-Grey Felt (Joanns)
-Black Sharpie/Scissors/SuperGlue
-Black Shoes
-Optional Headband

If you read this, comment: “Voldemort” it’ll confuse anyone who doesn’t read this, haha xD

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