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Click Link watch EASY DIY How to Real Life L.O.L Doll Cozy Babe Diva Miss Baby BEST Halloween Costume Makeover https://youtu.be/1F8X_MoJARA
CLICK LINK to watch A and A TV DIY How to be Sugar and Spice L.O.L Dolls for Halloween! Easy Sugar and Spice L.O.L Doll Makeovers!

Easy DIY How to Real Life LOL DOLL SUGAR and SPICE || BEST HALLOWEEN Costume Makeover Collab

Hi friends! YES #TIFFAWEEN DIY’s For Fall Vibes Series is in full swing! We are coming to you with yet another Super Easy Fast & Affordable Halloween Costumes video. These are L.O.L Doll inspired DIY Halloween costumes for girls, kids and teenagers as well as older Halloween lovers or for anyone who’s favorite toys are LOL dolls surprise toys! I’m extra excited about this video because it is a collaboration with A and A TV Channel. Together we are showing all of you a total of 5 DIY’s on how to become a Real Life L.O.L Doll for Halloween! These costume ideas are not only for Halloween but are also perfect if you just want an EASY and fast Real Life L.O.L Doll Makeover! What will these L.O.L Dolls do? She might cry, spit, tinkle or change colors! Watch and find out!
Shorty L.O.L Surprise Doll Series 2
This costume is perfect for a last minute Halloween Costume, easy and cheap to make. This DIY L.O.L Doll costumes includes making A DIY striped white T-Shirt, DIY striped knee socks, DIY red headband and a DIY gold chain necklace. We didn’t get a chance to film DIY Red headband but all I did was find something lying around the house that was Red that I don’t use anymore and that was a red beanie. I cut the bottom and cut it in half. Then I wrapped it around the head and tied a knot. Shorty’s spur of the moment red headband turned out better than I expected! Rocker L.O.L Surprise Doll Series 1 Retired/Rare Lil Outrageous Littles L.O.L Wave 2To get this L.O.L Rocker inspired look I show DIY pink hair dye spray, DIY black eyeliner, DIY dusty rose lipstick, black sweater (Walmart $6) DIY white t shirt with iron transfer AB CD logo, DIY distressed patch Denim shorts and black Dr.Marten boots.
Teacher’s Pet Series 1 Wave 2 This L.O.L doll inspired costume had to be the most fun to make! It was a bit tricky for me to find clothes in my closet that matched exactly to that of teacher’s pet. But that’s ok friends if you do not find the exact colors because this L.O.L Doll makeover can easy be a Halloween costume as a Nerd!!! DIY cute nerd costume! Here I show you DIY pink hair up do two hair buns, DIY nerd shirt, DIY school girl t-shirt, DIY school uniform T-Shirt, DIY how to make huge skirt fitted.
Sugar and Spice L.O.L Doll Opposites Club Series 2 Wave 2 L.O.L Surprise Dolls -So excited to have this collaboration with A and A TV, remember to head over to their channel so you can see how to get the best, easiest makeover as Sugar and Spice L.O.L. Dolls. These real life L.O.L Dolls make the best easiest Halloween costumes perfect for girls, kids and even teenagers! Go check it out! https://youtu.be/hz-h1ta0luQ
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