DIY Room Decor! 13 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home

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In our today’s video, we’ve prepared for you a new compilation room decor ideas for unusual handicrafts from ordinary materials that are always at hand. What for? To make your room even more beautiful and cozy!

Supplies and tools:
• Blouse;
• Scissors;
• Threads;
• Needle;
• Cotton wool;
• Pillow filler;
• Hoops;
• Decorative flowers;
• Wool threads;
• Hot glue gun;
• “Moment” glue;
• Clockwork;
• Wire;
• Decorative buckets;
• Pipe;
• Hanger;
• Pliers;
• Marker;
• Switch;
• Modeling clay;
• Paper glowing in the dark;
• Hole puncher;
• Pen;
• Colored paper;
• Colored cardboard;
• Ribbon;
• Boxes;
• Garland;
• Awl;
• White paper;
• Drawings and printed letters;
• Felt;
• Wooden plank;
• Brush and paints;
• Wooden sticks;
• Spray paint;
• Mirror;
• Confetti.

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