We are back with with another bedroom styling video!

We got an opportunity to work with Safavieh and style a few furniture pieces from their line. One of the furniture pieces that we styled was the black arm chair. Not only was it easy to assemble but it was and is easy to style (future videos with more styling the furniture pieces will come). We love the chair, because it can be styled in so many different ways: luxury/chic setting | masculine/rustic and or modern.

Another product that we got to try out was the Harmony 10″ Spring Mattress. Side note: We always wanted to own a mattress that was rolled up in a box and opened up into full size! Aside from the fact that opening the box was fun, the mattress itself is worth owning. From personal experience, mattresses tend to be either too hard or too soft. Harmony spring mattress is exactly 50/50 of a hard and soft mattress combined. Providing the perfect support for comfortable sleep.


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