10 Small dining room ideas that make the most of every inch

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=Small dining room ideas that make the most of every inch=

Want to realise the potential of your small dining room? Whether your table and chairs are crammed into the tiniest of rooms, or are just stealing a corner from another space in the house, there are lots of things you can do to make meal times a pleasure.

Having a separate dining room can seem like the ultimate luxury, but if it is extremely small the proximity of the four walls can pose lots of design and decorating challenges. Having a dining space within a larger living room or kitchen can actually be easier to work with than the constrictions of a box room.

The solution to the first may be adaptable furniture – look for slimline or extendable tables. Round and oval designs might be a better option than square or rectangular as you can squeeze more people in. Hinged wall-hung tables are also worth considering: just lift and secure the table top when you eat and lower again when you are finished so you can make full use of the space at all times. Stackable chairs are a good option, too. Or think about bench seating, which can accommodate more diners. Factor in dining room storage. Benches that can house hidden cupboards may make them a better option than chairs.

Small spaces can benefit from clean, unfussy decorating schemes that don’t fill a room with fuss. Go for pale, unpatterend ceilings, walls, woodwork and floors and then look for furniture that will add the interest. Second-hand pieces can bring character and warmth to your home and can be stripped back and customised to lead a decorating scheme. Add a lick of a paint, freshen up upholstery or add cushions in favourite fabrics for a personalised touch. Mix and match pieces for a relaxed, eclectic feel. If you have the budget, another alternative is to go for showpiece designer furniture that can transform a look single handedly without you having to do anything else in the room.