Decorate with Me…Dining Room Mini Make Over

Hey everyone. If you are following our budget journey you already know that I allocated funds for new curtains for my dining room. Well here they are. We’ve updated them and a few others things while we were at it. All things we had at home with the exception of one. Hope you enjoy. Blessings

Theme: Dubstep
Many thanks for the use of your music.

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Thank you so much for being a part of our lives, for following us on our journey, for your encouraging words and continued support. It means the world to us. We are honored and blessed to have you. We love you and there is nothing you can do about it. Take care. XOXO

PS…For those of you who continue to send us coupons. Thank you so much. There is no way that I would have enough to feed my family properly if I did not use coupons. It is a way of life for us. Simply due to your kindness I have not had to purchase ink for my printer and that helps at the grocery store. We are thankful to you for thinking of us. You don’t have to do it but you choose to. We won’t forget you. Blessings beyond measure show up at your house. XOXO