Do It Yourself, Girl! Home Improvement

“Do It Yourself, Girl!”
How to get home improvement and repair projects done when YOU want them done!
By Sonja Crosby

Have you ever asked your “Honey” to do something for you, like hang a curtain rod for some new curtains you just bought or hang a mirror or new piece of artwork and it took FOREVER for them to get around to it?

Well, I’ve got a way for you to save your relationship frustration and get it done when you want it done; “Do It Yourself, Girl!”

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with friends, and even people I meet when I’m out and about, that tell me their own stories of home improvement or repair projects that they’ve been waiting and waiting to get done. They also told me that they would be glad to do it themselves if they knew what to do.

If you’re like me, you watch home improvement television and see all the great things you’d like to do in your home, but at first, just didn’t know where to start. The show you’re watching would give “overview” of a project, but what you need is step by step instructions!

One of the first home improvement projects my husband and I did together was installing a screen door. You should have heard all of the colorful words coming out of this mouth! I knew then and there that this would not be something we could do together enjoyably. So started learning how to do things myself! I went to my local home improvement store for workshops, had an amazing neighbor who taught me so many things, and of course my very patient Dad who walked me through many a project.

I want to share what I’ve learned with you! Teaching you what to do from the very beginning; starting with the tools every “girl” needs in her basic tool kit. I’ll show you how to use each one and start building your confidence with small projects at first, like hanging that curtain rod or mirror I talked about or prepping and painting a room. I even want to empower you with the knowledge you need to hire a contractor for those times when you don’t want to tackle a project yourself.

“Do It Yourself, Girl!” Is a home repair/improvement television show designed from a female homeowner’s point-of-view. The show will teach women of all ages how to maintain, repair and improve their homes. Many times, repairs are simple and can be done by women who are otherwise waiting for their husband, significant other or father to complete. This can alleviate the stress of having to wait to get something done on someone else’s schedule. I will use humor and relatable subject matter to make learning fun and entertaining.
Initially my show titles will include:
• The tools every girl needs in her kit and how to use them.
• Plan ahead: Make your list of contractors and vendors before you need it
• Hanging a picture or mirror/Hanging Window Treatment Hardware
• Proper Painting 101
• Restore hardwood floors
• Design and Install and new closet system
• Low Cost Upgrades with the most value
• Prepare your home for every season (inspections and preventative/routine maintenance)
• Preventative Self Maintenance (Gadgets/tools to use to make your job safer and easier)
• Craft corner (Upholstering a headboard and reupholstering chairs, building a custom cornice for a window treatment, and making inexpensive art work for your walls, etc.)
• Pamper yourself, Girl! (items to use once your project is completed. Skin care, bubble bath, etc. Things to keep your skin, body and hands looking good)
Now, like I said, these show ideas are just the beginning! We are going to learn some things together too! I will invite pros to the show to share tips and tricks of the trade and with our new found skills, you guys are going to tell me what you want to learn and we’ll make it happen!
While “Do It Yourself, Girl! is in development and pre-production, I will posting video blogs with product reviews, how-to’s, and other helpful information to get you on your way to becoming an independent Do It Yourselfer.
I’m so excited about getting this information to you so you can feel the sense of pride when you’ve accomplished a project on your own. That big grin you’ll get on your face every time you look at what you’ve done; and the excitement of planning and executing your next project.
So let’s get started!