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Spice Up Your Rental Home With These Decorating Tips

Here are some tips for decorating your rental property, while keeping your wallet in mind.

First off, any changes you make to your rental home should be in-line with the landlords wishes. Many landlords either do not allow painting, or do not allow applying bright or non-standard colors. You should get the landlords written permission prior to painting anything. For increased chance of getting approval to paint, try choosing neutral colors or pastels.

Choose the atmosphere you want to achieve in each room. Shades of beige, blue and green can create a relaxed atmosphere and is often desired in bedrooms, dens and living rooms. On the other hand, if you want to inject an upbeat feel, ideal in a kitchen, bathrooms, or dining room, try shades of yellow, orange or red. If walls cannot be painted then use furnishings and accessories to capture the desired mood.

If you want rooms to feel more open in your rental property use lighter and brighter colors throughout the home. While darker colors make the room seem a bit smaller, it also creates a more relaxing atmosphere.

You can find inexpensive furnishings in classified ads, such as or by shopping at thrift stores. Many people will sell nice furniture for pretty cheap when they replace it. In the event you find a piece of furniture that isn’t so nice, it can often be refinished with paint or stain for a brand new appearance. Also, adding a futon is an excellent money-saving idea as it provides a nice, modern look, as well as an extra sleeping space for guests.

Once the foundational furniture items and color scheme are selected, the task of adding individual personality can be tackled. Shop for inexpensive accessories to add splashes of character and color to each room. Look for items that reflect your unique character like throw pillows, vases, rugs, and lamps. They can also be used to cover any slight damaged areas on second hand furniture.

Since most landlords prefer to keep walls white or off white, color can alternatively be added without painting. Add splashes of color and personality to your walls with artwork such as, CD covers, fabrics and photo groupings. Search online for wall stickers, they come in various shapes and styles, and can add a unique touch to your home.

Why Curtains Are The Better Half

Window blinds have earned its status as a popular home decor. It has gained popularity over the years and is considered a modern window accessory. Then how come curtains still reign supreme? There are several reasons why majority of homeowners prefer this traditional window fabric.

A very big advantage of curtains over blinds is maintenance: the latter is considerably harder to maintain. It can get difficult to clean blinds because you have to wipe down each slat to remove dust and debris – a tedious process. In contrast, maintaining curtains is relatively easy because you could just send it out for dry cleaning or throw it in the washing machine for a quick wash.

The price is also a factor to consider. Curtains are relatively cheaper especially compared to custom made blinds. Installing curtains is also a breeze in contrast to hanging blinds.

For the ultimate in economy, you could even create your own curtains to save more on costs. All you need is a little patience and creativity because curtains involve only straight stitches on a sewing machine. Even without a sewing machine, you can still create great curtains; a beautiful no-sew curtain is possible with the use of basting tape ironed on the fabric to create the seams. You can turn your home curtains into a simple DIY project to do in your spare time.

Blinds are modern and trendy. Definitely in for the movers and shakers of the home design world. Sadly though, the colors for window blinds are limited as opposed to the wide variety available for curtains. The designs of curtains are also at an advantage, and if you mix one or two (or more) colors and designs, you’ll have unique curtains to show off.

An important note – in using more than one color and design, ensure that they go well together. Don’t just throw in every color you see. The curtains must still blend well with the rest of the room.

With these reasons, it’s no surprise why curtains are favored over blinds. Whether you buy your curtains brand new, no-sew or a DIY, you’re sure to get the benefits of owning this window treatment.

Wood Plantation Shutters: Growing Through Time

In the beginning, plantation shutters were used by the aristocrats as solid boards on the lower glass portion of their windows. Its usage has evolved with time when people decided to install them inside to have more control over the shade from the inside. Not only that, shutters was also used to conceal whatever is inside to strengthen its effect on keeping people’s privacy. From the inside, shutters would be a good addition to classic view of your home. The wood shutters can be very versatile when it comes to being an addition to the decoration inside the home. They come in different shades so it is easy to find some who can fit perfectly with the other home pieces whether they are classic or contemporary.

None from the more up-to-date styles could possibly compare to the polished and sophisticated design of plantation wood shutters. They deliver obscurity yet the impression of it being elegant at the same time.

Precisely what makes plantation window shutters feature prominently is actually the natural capacity to be distinguished. Actually, they were able to withstand by themselves without having draperies or curtains. They’re able to work just like wood blinds which regulate the sunshine along with provide the needed padding. People who have utilized these declare that they come in double function: when they’re popped, they are able to make it possible for fresh air in and if they are shut, they appear like a beautiful panel on the walls. The vast majority of aristocrats have grown fond with them as a result of their great creative value.

Plantation wood shutters portray luxury that’s truly timeless that will not waver even to their current counterparts. Wood made blinds could have been unveiled in industry as some sort of window covering yet absolutely nothing beats the creative window layout which wood shutters provide. They are truly ageless making people opt for them when decorating their homes to achieve a more vintage look.

Through Time, using shutters has widened transcending from your normal windowpane use and becoming more versatile to the customer’s demands. In one illustration, the shutter has been used to dress up a glass windowpane, decorating its efficiency. You never know exactly what else is in store for plantation shutters. Perhaps, just one thing is for sure, despite the modifications, people will carry on utilizing plantation shutters for they are not just ornamental, they’re very much practical as well.

Kitchen Color Scheme Advice

If you are planning a new kitchen, then you will probably want to put some thought into the different color scheme options that you can choose from. This is because there are many out there, and you will find that the color of your kitchen will say a lot when people come into your home. You will also find that talking with a interior designer will give you some insight on the most popular color schemes that are used in kitchens.

Some people may want to go with a single color. Doing this will give your kitchen a nice clean look and feel. This is a great idea for those that are not really adventurous and do not want to go with several different colors. You can choose from colors such as white, cream or even a peach or yellowish color. These are great colors that will make any kitchen look its best no matter what type of look you’re after.

You may decide that you want to go with a few different colors. If you are doing this, then you may want to keep it neutral. Colors such as gray, brown, tan or black can give you that contemporary look without clashing with the rest of the colors throughout your home. Many people find that this is a great color scheme for a new kitchen. You can use a few bright accents throughout to really give it an added touch.

If you are an adventurous type of person then you may want to try using brighter complimentary colors. This can provide perfect modern appeal to your kitchen. Vibrant colors are great for livening up a room that is otherwise a bit dull. The combination of red and black is a good option, but brighter colors will work well too. You must be careful to not use too many colors or your kitchen may end up looking a little like a circus.

When it is time to decide on a new color scheme for your kitchen, be sure to keep these tips in mind. You can have a lot of fun when you set out to redecorate your kitchen if you relax and try not to worry about the outcome. Taking some time to talk with a decorator about the colors you are using will help you stay on track. You might even decide to change the flooring or lighting to complement your new scheme.

This is a Diy Video on How I made a Table using Organizers from the Dollar Tree! It is an inexpensive yet sophisticated Diy That is Quick and Easy to make. It a Home Decorating idea that adds Uniqueness to the overall Decor in the Home. It is a Quick and Easy Way to Create a Statement Piece for the Home.

This is an Inexpensive yet sophisticated Diy that Shows Style and Elegance that is personalized on a Budget.

The key words”Cheap, Quick and Easy are words I keep in mind when Creating a Decor piece for the home.

Here are the items used:
Office Organizers
Box storage
Foam board
Oval picture frame
Silver plates
Tower game blocks
E6000 glue

Glue gun and glue sticks(I already had them at home)

This video shows hidden potentials little items can have and how to use them for decorating.

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