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Bathroom Wall Ideas

The bathroom is the room that I noticed the cleanliness and comfort because people will be able to assess our personality by looking at how we care for our bathroom. In order to always feel comfortable when they’re in the bathroom then takes the appropriate decorations. With a little explanation and pictures that are here, will give some idea for you to decorate your bathroom.

Small or large bathroom, has the same function that is cleaned up. If you want to make that how big your bathroom is not matter then you need to decorate your own bathrooms. There are several ways to improve your bathroom, selection of teams to the bathroom, toilet, sink, isolation rooms, storage, supplies of sweeteners. It also improves the air is a flat wall in the ground. Tile in the bathroom through the vineyards of games to motivate and flowers.

Just because the vines and flowers on the wall tiles are also naturally produce the impression of not boring. The choice of the reasons why the bathroom is mostly white always happy. Imagine the look of the room, when a white earthenware, for no reason, it is probably too low. The bathroom is always nice use, happy and comfortable. Unlike the ceramic floor, where power is preferable to ceramic wall rich motifs and patterns are not as good specification tiles. But since many of his fellows, do not be mad when they buy the ceramic eyes. Make sure that the concept of space you want to sort. Carefully consider the size of the ceramic and the edge if necessary, by a combination of room size and ceramics must be proportionate.

Cheap Primitive Home Decor

Primitive home decor was scared in the meaning but it is very architect. Usually the thing category in primitive home decor is antique or has a historical value. The price of the things are very expensive because is not easy to find it but if you can be patient to find it, then you can surely find at a reasonable price. The things got from collector of antique and historical value. The example is antique vase antique plate, katana, antique bowl etc. all of the accessories have a special supernatural value which high primitive.
For decor home with primitive style is very hard to do. The matters is hard to find and hard searching. To make primitive the first must we do is looking for primitive catalog, choose the best one to be a top of primitive itself. The second can be doing is where is the primitive will make for room, living room, dining room, kitchen, or toilet. The best choice is the good one to next step. The third is buy some accessories to fill the place where will primitively. The last is organizing the accessories in the room with primitive home decor.

In other step, to make an analysis about primitive style for decor home is making a decision with our house. Because when we sold the thing and changes, our mind is talking. The people also can try and choice. When the people try to make something, the people must sure with the decision. Make a primitive decor in the home is not easy. Many thing we need and many more money also. The historical value in the thing is very hard finding. Order, import must to do when the thing in other city or country.

Primitive home decor is a classical category but this style more complicated and strong in the phenomenon. In the country, we can find a little and may be nothing. The style of primitive for our home may be impossible in this era because the products and the goods are rarest in the world. Anything needs a fighting and soul when primitive use in home style. Make a primitive style is very hard. All can be solving as long as the modal in our mind. Money makes honey. With many modal, we can make a primitive with our money. The best one is trying to looking for many accessories that fill in our room and the last is the result in good conditions. Primitive home decor can be show in the house of supernatural people. They made their home with primitive style and The key are to scare the visitor.

Warm Paint Colors

Some experts through observation and research revealed that certain color can stimulate the human body. Voters the right color for a child’s room will provide an opportunity for them to grow well. Broadly speaking, color divided into cool colors, and warm soil. Warm colors can be found on the red side of the color wheel.

Generally, warm colors inclines provide an intimate atmosphere, relaxation, and a sense of warmth. The warm colors tend to be intense and are capable of stimulating the viewer.


Yellow is a color that stimulates, energizes, and tend to give the impression of cheerful for your child. Yellow can also be utilized to provide “spatial hoax”. Because, pale yellow to make the room feel larger. Meanwhile, the yellow would brighten a dark room and create a warm impression. However, you should avoid using too much yellow. This color can stimulate your child’s activity.


The color red, for example, can provide a sense of warmth, but it also stimulates energy colors for those who see it. Better you combine it with other colors and make red color only as accents in your child’s room.


The orange color also gives the effect is almost similar to a red color. However, this color is weaker than red. Orange is the mixing between the red and yellow, the giver of happiness and energy. Brownish orange will also create a cozy and warm atmosphere. While the bright orange suit for playground.

Halloween Home Decor

interior of a children’s bedroom decorated for Halloween holiday in the night illumination

Halloween home decoration comes in October season. Usually the things about Halloween sell out because in the west almost people celebrate Halloween day. Halloween is a kind of ghost like a pumpkin and orange color. In west, the people believe that Halloween day is a gift from god. When the ghost looked usually people become afraid of it but in Halloween, the people exactly make and decor their custom like a ghost.
In West Country example U.S, decor home in Halloween day are need. They also bought accessories in the form and type of Halloween. Many kinds of accessories use to decor their home beautifully indeed and does not thinking about money. The goal is make a Halloween day become royally. From the level of age is a familiar phenomenon. The events become of the routinely by people make Halloween home decorations. Those styles are very easy. Just do with some goods which our have and try with second hand goods in strangest room.

For decor home with Halloween style easy, We make a frightening lighting in every part of our house like a color light, black light, globe lighting, ghost lighting and may be pumpkin lighting such as a mascot of Halloween. After lighting the home, we make haunt our home. This manner used more of accessories make a ghost in the house is a hard job. Other kind, we can use second hand to make a ghost for haunt effect. Next is making a costume for our costume with many more accessories. The last is turn on candy and make a party supplies for our friend and our neighbor. All of the decor make for Halloween home decoration specials for October fest. This decor is not a confused decoration because the entire neighbor also makes decoration in the month. In the field, eye talking and the mind walking to decor it.

Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

The Christmas holiday season is a time of giving, hope, pleasure, beauty, love and selflessness. With the Christmas song around, people with passion décor their home to prepare celebrate the holiday. For more beauty and color, many people from will decorate the Christmas trees and put up Christmas lights in their own homes. Put more Christmas presents under the tree, and make the children happy and excited about the arrival of the holiday.
Today there are more innovative decorations like use musical design, fancy light, collectible figurines like Santa, snowman, angels and the others. Buy some stuff online might also offers a variety of decorating ideas. Still, many people choose handmade crafts to décor their home, or you can customize certain pieces of furniture that give a personal touch to the Christmas season.

Before make decoration to your home you should make sure that ideas that you use really have meaning for you and your lifestyle to fit with your family. When traditional holiday decorations that not your style just do like what you want. Christmas home decorating ideas usually involves the addition of color to your home. I am personally a fan of mixed colorful Christmas decorations and colorful lights. knowing fact that more than 100 houses around will be decorated for Christmas, and no will look like the same.
Choose your colors, then buy only those colors. Blue or red, mixed with silver or gold as accents, all in silver or all in gold are popular options. Burgundy is well suited for a spectacular look and is best combined with gold accents.

Some ideas to decorate the traditional themes of Christmas and the decorations are angels, cherubs, snowmen, Santa, birds, wreaths, snow balls, grape clusters, ribbons and candles. An example of the use of a theme to décor your home for the holiday. Buy or make a gingerbread house, with roof and candy windows. Add gingerbread women and men to decorate the Christmas tree. When the gingerbread men are dressed in red and green, then choose the colors obtained for the rest of your home decorations, take a little gold to shine, and your home will be great for the entire holidays.

Bunk Bed Designs

If space in your room does not have sufficient area, you must be clever workaround that can be utilized optimally. Just as the design of the concept of a child’s bed Bunk bed. This concept has many unique addition to the bed can also serve as a place to store goods. If you want to make your childrens live in one room then you should do this tips to save more space in the room.
Bunk bed is usually used so that the area under the bed area can be used to store toys or children’s learning place, a place to store supplies kids, and books. But Bunk bed like in the image can be used to functioning one room for two people.

Advantages of the area above and below the child’s bed can be used and where goods store. In the area there is a mattress on the bunk bed with shelves as a place to store books or other articles for personal use, while at the bottom of the mattress is placed with a nightstand plus a storage cupboard.

Appliances can be added so you can easily reach the area above the bed. The bed was comfortable and multifunctional. Choose the appropriate color in order to stay together with the room and are advised to choose a bright color to make it look more elegant.

Also you can see more different designs like the pictures below, both with complex functions and simple functions.

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