2018 Audi A8 – interior Design

2018 Audi A8 shows off its new rear relaxation seat

Fresh from its red carpet appearance with Spider-Man, the 2018 Audi A8 is now being featured in another video teaser/preview ahead of the sedan’s debut at the Audi Summit on July 11 in Barcelona.

This time, we get to see quite a bit of the A8’s cabin, specifically the rear, where plenty of buyers will most probably spend their time in. To ensure passengers are as comfortable as possible, the A8 will come with what is being called the “relaxation seat with foot massage.”

In the video, we see the same man from the previous Spider-Man-themed videos demonstrate how to use the fancy seats. This involves interacting with a touchscreen located on the car’s rear centre console, which definitely has a lot less buttons than on the previous-generation A8.

After pushing an on-screen button, a leg rest unfolds from the rear of the front passenger seat and the man gets to enjoy his foot massage. If we had to guess, the seat will likely come with a massaging function for the upper body as well.

Said seat will also feature a reclining function and be upholstered with plush leather as you would expect from Audi’s flagships sedan. Another form of entertainment seen in the video are the rear display screens, which should also be controlled via the same touchscreen.

So far, Audi has showcased the new A8’s active suspension system, Audi AI autonomous driving system, 48-volt main electrical system and multi-material Audi Space Frame.
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