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SIZE : 1500 sq.ft

BRIEF FROM CLIENT : Originally a 4BHK the Tulsiyan’s wanted to convert the 4th bedroom into a multi-purpose room that will serve not only as a guest bedroom but also as a home office, storage room and above all the Puja room. Lot of civil work was done in the kitchen a as well to change the original entrance and to make it more spacious. The brief was to have a mix of traditional and modern and so you will see though some areas in the house is completely modern with lot of glass, other areas are a fixtures of textures, materials and artifacts which give the space a more ethnic feel.

STORY BOARD : At the entrance there is Ganesh Mural custom made by CEE BEE Design Studio. The entrance door is made of veneer with duco paint finish and with intricate artifacts which make the door standout. The living area and dining area is divided by jaali work and a shoe cabinet console which make for a nifty sitting area place as well. The TV unit has been created with duco paint finish, the flooring in the room is Italian marble which we sourced from Jaipur. One wall in the living room is a combination of wall paper, leftover onyx and mirror. The other side houses the sitting area with textured finish wallpaper.
The dining area has a very classic European look with use of lots of wood, marble, shades of rich brown, the ceiling in this room is a minimalist grooved one in the same wooden colour pattern. The crockery unit has the same finish as the dining set. The unit is again an example of mixed material and textural use in form of jaali work, mirror, wood, open shelving, glass etc.
The kitchen is mostly made up of glass shutters and lacquer glass in mustard yellow and white. The kitchen is fully modular and we did major civil work like changing entrance of the kitchen.
The 4 th bedroom was converted into a multipurpose room which now serves as home office, storage, guest bedroom and the puja room. This is separated from the dining area by a slider door. This was a particular demand from client and we are extremely pleased with the result.
The master bedroom is a mixture of walnut teak veneer and lacquerglass in white and turquoise. Veneer panel with lacquer glassed. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom and much of the design and material used are the same accentuate the bedroom itself.
The kidsroom is a fun creative room and is a perfectly balance between creativity and functionally with bright colours, rounded edges furniture, loads of storage etc. Because the Tulsiyan’s have 2 boys and keeping that in mind we have used racing wallpapers along with airplane and flight related graphics too.
The Parent’s room is primarily a classically elegant space with wood work and baton across the room. Our favorite part of the room is however the small green niche which we created. Hope you enjoyed this trip!! Have a look a some of our other projects.