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Turn your attic into a master bedroom equipped with an ensuite.

The key to this concept is to make it feel like you not living in an attic.

We created this look and transformed an attic this by following these steps:

Starting with the bedrooms we lowered the first floor bedroom ceiling to gain that extra head height in your attic.

We next created a boxed dormer so it feels like the room and as it was a narrow house we took the chimney out to maximise space.

We wanted to create more light with big windows to the box side and 3 Velux roof windows to the other side.

Use space for storage with bespoke wardrobe units tailored to suit your budget to offer the best overall spend for your room.

The decor in here is spending the money where you will get the most impact for this level of property. For this property the wall coverings are the important bit, there’s a solid oak floor and non high street wall papers offering that edge to what a standard house delivers.

It’s about finding the right balance of bespoke and high street products to give that unique and luxury feel that suits your budget.

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