12 Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

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12. How to Craft a Bedroom Closet Out of Thin Air (00:27)
A sleek solution you could try is this hanging rack from Fifti Fifti called Spring.
Source: Apartmenttherapy.com
11. DIY Barn Door With Mirror (01:04)
Another great idea is a DIY extension of an existing closet if you have some unused space right next to it.
Source: Chatfieldcourt.com
10. Closet Storage Hack by Closet Liberty and Why It Is Special (01:53)
These storage systems from Closets by Liberty™ offer an ingenious and convenient way of installing a custom closet space yourself.
Source: Pinterest.com
9. How to Build This Easy DIY Closet Organizer (02:31)
You can also try to build the closet organizer yourself to get it closer to your specifications.
Source: Twofeetfirst.net
8. Turn Your Spare Room Into Your Dream Closet (03:14)
If you have a small spare room, you might think about converting it into a walk-in closet of your dreams.
Source: Kelseybyers.com
7. Try Completing These Easy Closet Shelves Ideas (03:52)
A simple DIY solution is putting additional shelves on the recessed ends of a closet, especially if it only has a top shelf and a rod.
Source: Jaimecostiglio.com
6. Consider Creating A Capsule Wardrobe System (04:43)
One convenient way to mix and match your clothing is with a Capsule Wardrobe system.
Source: Thecuratedheart.com
5. Get this DIY Open Concept Closet Under $400 (05:17)
Sometimes, a room may not have the luxury of a full closet. You may have to improvise for some extra space, especially when you’re running low on funds.
Source: Choozoblog.wordpress.com
4. For IKEA Fanboys/Girls, How to Get the Best out of Their Closet Hack System (05:55)
Ikea has a wide range of closets to choose from to help get your things organized. But why settle with a basic unit when you can give it a more personal touch and charm?
Source: Curbly.com
3. Build a Walk-In Closet System Simply Using Pipes (06:27)
This elegant industrial-looking design is from a unique concept of pipes coming off the floor and bending into the walls above.
Source: Meaningfulmama.com
2. How To Craft A Wardrobe Closet From Scratch (07:12)
Sometimes you need additional space, or your room has no closet. The only practical alternative is to build one from scratch.
Source: Knockitoffkim.com
1. Shoe Closet Solution by ~ DIY Pullout Shelves! (07:57)
If you don’t want several shoes lying around on your floor, an excellent solution would be pullout shelves. This style is best for deep and narrow closets.
Source: Designeddecor.com
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