12 Master Closet Organization Ideas

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12. Simple and Stylish (00:56)
When setting-up your master closet, remember that foundation is key!
Source: Bhg.com
11. Reimagine and Elevate (01:51)
To take your master closet to a new level, you need to start thinking big.
Source: Domino.com
10. Classic and Practical (02:38)
If you’re planning to reorganize your closet space, the first thing you have to do is to plan (and commit to it!).
Source: Apartmenttherapy.com
9. Better off apart (03:49)
Taking your organization skills up a notch isn’t about making drastic changes.
Source: Girlmeetsgold.com
8. Keep it Natural (04:43)
If your closet has a lot of open shelving, adding storage boxes will keep everything separate, tidy, and clutter-free.
Source: Ispydiy.com
7. Intentional and Functional (05:12)
Once you have carefully downsized all your items, you can start planning how to organize your space.
Source: Hauteofftherack.com
6. Maximize Blind Spots (05:56)
Having a small closet space doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice having a tidy and beautiful closet.
Source: Tinyhousetalk.com
5. Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? (06:25)
To instantly elevate your master closet, consider mounting a huge mirror.
Source: Housebeautiful.com
4. Luxurious and Inviting (06:50)
Most of our mornings are spent picking out the perfect outfit.
Source: Hometalk.com
3. Make Each Inch Count (07:50)
Don’t settle with the built-in shelves and storage space. Every available square inch–that includes vertical and horizontal space–should be used to maximize your storage space!
Source: Hgtv.com
2. Choose to be Resourceful (08:17)
Often the best solution requires a personalized touch. Elevate your room by personally customizing your room with DIY projects.
Source: Abowlfulloflemons.net
1. Give Each Item a Home (09:20)
A clear system of where everything goes is definitely the most important step to get you started.
Source: Housebeautiful.com


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