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These 15 money and place-saving hacks will show you how to turn common, affordable items — some of which you may already have in your home — into effective clothes and accessory organizers. Do you want more tips and ideas for your closet organization? Please watch my new video “15 CLOSET ORGANIZATION HACKS – How to organize your closet” and enjoy your life with an organized home 🙂

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00:23 – Do all your laundry
00:59 – Bookends for closet organization
01:23 – Jewelry holder DIY (ikea picture frame)
02:16 – Jeans hack
02:32 – Hack for lefties and righties
02:59 – Storing a maxi dress
03:22 – Deep shelves storage
03:48 – Storing purses
04:10 – Bags storage – another idea
04:37 – Storing clutch bags
04:55 – Pantyhose storage
05:33 – Storing beanies
05:54 – DIY belt organizer
06:12 – Closet storage arrangement
06:32 – Storing sweaters (lifehack)

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