Closet Organization & Declutter In Small House For A New Mom | Makeover For Mom With Newborn Day 1

Closet Organization and Declutter In Small House for A New Mom | Makeover For Mom With Newborn – What happens when you don’t have a garage to store all of that extra stuff? When you’re living in a city apartment, you’ve got to find some place to store it. For this new mom, her spare room had become a place that made her anxious, so anxious in fact… she’d try to avoid walking past the room. I want to get her space more organized so that she’s not overwhelmed by it and so that picking out an outfit is more fun than stressful. This series will cover making a baby room for her as well, but today I thought it was best to start in her closet. Don’t be deceived though, these projects always take longer than you think. If you’re struggling for time, just work with what time you have and try to squeeze it in. Eventually, you will get there. I know that through decluttering and organizing her closet she is going to feel so much better! If you’re decluttering or organizing your closet, send me a photo on Instagram to share with the TSD audience!

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