Closet Organization (Quick 15-Minutes!)

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Hello All! In this organization video I show you that organizing the closet can be quick and easy! We tackle organizing a messy closet in just 15 minutes! If your bedroom closet (or another closet in your house) needs to be organized or decluttered, grab a timer, hit play on this video, and let’s do it together!

This is part 2 of 3 in a series of “quick organization” videos where our ONLY goal is to make the space better than it currently is!

Did we finish organizing the closet in 15 minutes? No. Does it function better than it did? YES! Was it worth it? YES!! YES!! YES!!

It’s all about doing your best while doing a little bit at a time. And if you don’t get it all done, that’s okay. It took more than 15 minutes to get messy anyway! 🙂

Here’s what to do moving forward: Set a timer for 15 minutes tomorrow and repeat the process. Slow and steady eventually reaches the finish line when you don’t give up!

Thank you for reading & watching.

Sending Love & Light,

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