Closet Organization

After months of going back and forth between our master bedroom and the guest bedroom to find clothes, we decided that we needed a better closet storage system. The existing closet “system” was just two long closet rods and shelves, so we had a dresser full of other foldable clothes in the guestroom. Since we’re trying to make more space in the house for other things (like an elliptical!), we needed to get rid of the dresser, and find a way to get all our clothes into one closet. We had considered building a closet system from scratch but… we have too many projects in the queue already and the Container Store was having a 30% off sale on the Elfa closet system so we decided to splurge. We saved ~$700 due to the sale and by DIY’ing the install instead of having them come and install it, but it’s still a pricey product. Here’s how we did it and our first impressions.

Not sponsored at all!
For anyone wondering, this is the “Birch & White elfa d├ęcor Reach-In Clothes Closet”