ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Installation – Small Closet Organization Ideas

This Video will show you how to install ClosetMaid ShelfTrack wire shelving systems for your small walk-in closet. It has closet ideas that guide you through the challenges of figuring out how to plan, design, closet organization. This small closet design ideas video has closet shelving installation tips for your master closet shelving in a small 6’x’6 walk-in closet, using the adjustable ClosetMaid Shelftrack installation system.

Tools & Recommended Closet Maid Closet Organizer Shelftrack starter kits:
✅ ClosetMaid 2091 ShelfTrack 7ft. to 10ft. Kit, White:
✅ ClosetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack 5ft. to 8ft. Kit:
✅ Precision Sensors Stud Finder Scanning LED Profinder:
✅ DEWALT DCK299D1T1 Hammer Drill, Impact Driver Kit:
✅ E-Z Ancor Self Drilling Toggle Anchors:
✅ ClosetMaid 12-Inch Wire Shelving Support Brackets:
✅ Empire True Blue 12-Inch Magnetic Level:

For more detail on how we installed toggle drywall anchors, and screwed in the top Shelf Track plates and standards, watch our video on the 7 x 4 master closet we did here:

That video shows close detail of how we drilled the holes, and attached all the fasteners, screws, and anchors.

Closet ideas for small closets and How to install ClosetMaid Shelftrack

This Closetmaid shelf track system is an upgrade to standard wire shelving closet systems, with better structural support for wire shelves. The shelves are adjustable so you can reconfigure your closet shelving maximize small closet organization.

If you just buy the regular ClosetMaid wire shelving installation systems, the wire shelves are fixed in place, and their support struts are not as robust as the ShelfTrack system with the more user friendly Superslide rods, which also curve around corners. We’ll show you how to install ClosetMaid Shelftrack closet wire shelf systems.

Here we give you useful closet organization ideas and tips for your DIY shelving project, along with best practices for closet shelving installation. This layout helps you maximize your walk-in closet organization for all your clothes.

How to Install ClosetMaid Superslide:

The Closet Maid web site, like many closet shelving companies, has a tool to help you design your master closet layout with nice shelving ideas, but Closet Maid has restrictions and design rules that prevent you from making the full master closet design you want. We always draw it out ourselves and take full advantage of the available space for wire closet shelves.

Most automated closet design tools online will not allow you to plan your ClosetMaid Shelf Track shelving on all 3 walls, so our design ideas allow you to have double stacked wire shelves on all 3 walls instead of 2 walls like the small closet design app forces on you!

How to install closet shelving:

The video here shows you how to install the closet shelving from ClosetMaid. You first attach the ShelfTrack along the upper part of the closet wall, then figure out your spacing to hang the vertical standards, which sort of act like a stud wall. We always try to anchor as many of the hanging standards as possible directly into studs. If no stud is close by, use the heavy-duty drywall toggle anchors we show in the video.

Do NOT EVER use plastic drywall anchors to secure wire closet shelving to drywall.

This is the single biggest source of closet shelving failure I see all the time, so many builders and their closet shelving contractors use plastic anchors and shame on them!

How to install ClosetMaid SuperSlide closet shelving

Plastic drywall anchors have no business ever being used in your master closet. The cheap plastic anchor has no way to grip the back side of the drywall, and so the wire shelf eventually pulls outward on the plastic anchor, which pops out like butter, and the whole closet organization shelving system comes crashing down.

How to install closet shelving

Once the ShelfTrack and standards have been secured tightly to the master closet wall, then the shelf brackets for the wire shelves can be installed onto the Shelftrack hanging standards. the brackets just fit right into the slots and can easily be adjusted up or down.

Now install the wire shelves:

Next in closet shelving installation is to fit wire shelves over the shelf brackets. Once this is done, install the ClosetMaid Superslide rods, and we glue the Closet Maid Superlides with PL Adhesive once rods have been formed around corners and cut to the correct length.

We hope you enjoyed our closet shelving ideas for you to consider maximizing storage space in your master closet. Congratulations, you now know how to install ClosetMaid ShelfTrack wire closet shelving systems using our closet organization ideas.