IKEA Hacking – Using a Billy Bookcase to Create An Entire Closet Organizer System

I used a single IKEA Billy Bookcase as the central part of my son’s bedroom closet organization system. I go through all the steps in detail as remove the old shelving, remove all the junk, and then install the bookcase, shelving and hanger rods. Your actual closet organization project may have different measurements and different challenges, but by watching this video you’ll get a real sense of what sort of things you may have to think about when you build an organizer system for your home.

I take you through some of the planning and measuring that will end up being custom for your particular project. I talk about finding studs in the walls, putting in shelving supports, painting the wood in the closet and even go through the basic cutting process.

After planning the first step is to build the IKEA Billy bookcase. In this case my teenage son put the bookcase together himself, which helped him feel as though he was part of the project and was more willing to help.

After building the bookcase you need to remove the old shelves, bars, and contents from the closet. Once the closet it empty you can move the IKEA Billy Bookcase into the closet and position it so that it is in the center of the closet and off the wall by a few inches. You’ll need to be able to install the hanger clothing bars about 12 inches off the back wall for the hangers to work. You’ll also need to make sure your clothing bars are high enough from the floor so that your clothing doesn’t drag.

Once the bookcase is in position you can install steel flooring brackets that attach to the bookcase and keep it steady on the floor.

Now that your bookcase is in you may need to install some wood shelving brackets/boards on to the side of your closet that will allow you to attach the clothing bars into solid wood. You do NOT want to install clothing bars onto drywall or sheetrock without attaching them to studs or wood. They will not be able to hold the weight of your clothes.

Once the wood brackets are in you can install your steel clothing bars in any configuration you want. The whole project took me a few hours, but some of that time was spent waiting for the paint to dry on some of the shelves and boards.

At the end of the video I quickly show you some additional configurations you can use with IKEA Billy Bookcases in your closet.