Konmari Closet Declutter Reveal! | Before & After

🔺PART 1: Extreme Konmari Method Decluttering | Closet & Clothing Declutter – https://youtu.be/ogo4Zkjfqzs

I’m so excited to reveal my final closet organization method after doing the first step of the Konmari Method of decluttering! I used the konmari folding method to get everything just right and then found the best places for storage. I do think I will continue to discard more clothing over the next few weeks, and I show you all that and more in this video!

In this video, I also share with you the emotional process I have been through as I have tackled this step. Making such a big life change is a challenge, but it is SO worth it! Reading Marie Kondo’s book, The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up has changed my life for sure. Having a completely different mindset on what to donate and what to keep has completely changed this process for me. I am so excited to share this process with y’all and find out how to live with less and live with only the things that spark joy!!

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