MINIMALISM | Decluttering the messiest closet in my house! | Extreme garage closet organization

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Even minimalists have messes! In this video I tackle decluttering and organizing our “garage closet”. We do not have a shed/garage/basement in this house which forces us to keep a lot of those items inside our house. And this space had definitely gotten out of control! Not only do I declutter this space, I create new systems to keep us organized.

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At the end of 2018, my husband and I quit our jobs, sold our yoga studio and 90% of our possessions and moved into our 1969 VW bus. We spent 18 months traveling the globe exploring, rock climbing, adventuring and eating delicious vegan food along the way. We recently settled in Joshua Tree, CA with our pup Gypsy, and have been adjusting to a minimalist life in a house.