Dollar Tree DIY Diamonds & Pearls Starburst Mirror Home Decor| DIY Elegant Handmade Mothers Day Gift

2 DIY Elegant Handmade Mothers Day Gift Ideas.
Today I share how I created 2 Glam Diamonds and Pearls Starburst Mirror Wall Decor Pieces using Dollar Tree Items.
Inexpensive and Glamorous mirrors that any Mother would love to add to any area of their home.
Handmade Gift Set Idea that can be a Wall Decor Piece or a Centerpiece/Candle Holder.


1 5″ round mirror
3-4 Packs of 100 10mm Pearls
1/2 bag of Clear Acrylic Gems
2 Packs Gold Floral Wire (16 Gauge wire)

1 5″ round Mirror
1/2 Bag of Clear Acrylic Gems
1 Pack of Oval Jewels
1 pack of Round Jewels
2 Packs of Gold Floral Wire (16 Gauge Wire)