Interior Design Ideas #16 : Open Kitchen Design for Indian Homes

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Open Kitchens are too much in trend. Open kitchen is one in which wall separating Kitchen & adjacent living room is brought down. There is no wall. No partition. Instead you extend Kitchen platform.
When inside kitchen this part of platform gets used as Kitchen Platform. From living room side, add few high chairs, this platform gets used as Breakfast table.
Lot of advantages we are talking about.
Looks modern & trendy. It makes your Living room large. House looks large. Looks spacious. Person working kitchen gets to catch with what is happening inside living room.
Imagine guest inside house, home owner is preparing meal inside kitchen while interacting with 1 guest seated on breakfast chair & other 2-3 guest seated inside living room.
Television – without getting in to good & bad of watching TV. Open kitchen allows you to prepare meal while catching up with news or saas bahu serials.