Interior Design Ideas #5 : White Colour Makes Your Room Look Spacious

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Have you seen Whitehouse where president of USA lives. This video has nothing to do with it.
Your room is limited by Walls & a ceiling. If you want a small room to look spacious, easiest trick is to paint it white. Use white on flooring. Get a white Ceiling. Use white on all visible surface.
I bet it will start looking like an hospital. OK but the point I am trying to explain here is white makes your room look bigger. White has quality of hiding edges & boundaries. Your eyes cannot understand where your wall ended. It dissolves limits of your wall & ceiling. It is difficult to focus & find corners in the room. This tricks your brain in to feeling of more spaciousness.
So should you go ahead & get every white ? Yes & No. There are many more aspects & points which we will be discussing in remaining course which will help you make decision.
However this point is important to understand. White makes your room look bigger.