Tiny House Living | Guided home tour with interior design ideas (Alek Lisefski)

Meet this wonderful couple living in their cute 160 sq.ft. tiny house (on wheels). We met them in California for a chat about life in their tiny home on wheels.

Alek Lisefski has built his own tiny house with his own floor plan. Everything from storage and shelves in the kitchen to the upper floor with the sleeping loft and bed area is custom designed. Alek has had some help from friends but didn’t hire professionals.

The kitchen area has some very unique and cool features. Especially the storage around the kitchen is great, as he has found a spot for everything inside the bespoke drawers. Beside the kitchen, you find the toilet area, and it leads into the main living area where you can sit on the couch or work at the computer.

From the living room, you can climb the ladder upstairs to the sleeping loft. Here’s a lot of storage space as well, space that was originally designed to fit an AC unit, in order to keep the space cool during the cold season. You can also open the window, to let in fresh air during the night and day.

The young couple lives in this tiny home full time, and they have designed the interior in a way that fits their needs. The only issue can be to find solitude and a space to be alone once in a while. During the guided tour of the house, we also got a chance to sit down and have a long talk about life in the tiny house, and the reason for each interior idea in the design layout of the house.

It can easily be towed by a truck, and you can move it around the country as you with. They are staying in California during the shoot of this video in order to be able to study in this area. An otherwise expensive area to live, and by downsizing into a tiny house on wheels, they have managed to keep the living expenses down and find cheap accommodation during their studies.

They also have a dog living with them in the house, a cute little shepherd dog, and he can run freely around in the area they live at the moment. The house is partly off-grid. We also met with Jay Shafer who happened to live in this area, you can find a link to our interview with him on our channel.

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