Where I Live: Interior Design Ideas, with Victoria Pearson | Pottery Barn

In the “Where I Live” Pottery Barn video series, you can watch various discussions and descriptions of beautiful homes and their interior design. In this video of the series, Victoria Pearson talks about her warm and beautiful home, its history, and her interior decoration ideas.

Victoria, a professional photographer staying in Ojai, California, says she loves the kitchen in her home, since it’s an eat-in kitchen. The kitchen is big enough to have a dining table as well as a fireplace. Victoria says she loves to add a touch of green all around the house since she feels it’s a joyful color.

Victoria elaborates on her thoughts on interior decoration. Her house has a study with big bookcases and windows. Her bedrooms have French doors through which you can look outside and see the sunset. The bathroom is designed with a touch of grandeur and luxury and even has a chandelier. Victoria then describes her experience with the Pottery Barn photo-shoot of the interior design in her home.

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