Heidarian Persian Rugs HD

Heidarian Persian Rugs

Heidarian family has dedicated over 120 years in producing hand-woven rugs in the Chahar-Mahal o Bakhtiyari province in south-west of Iran. Heidarian collection of hand-woven rugs is rooted in villager homes, tents of nomads and everyday life of Persians. Heidarian represents a series of hand-woven rugs woven by craftsmen in the regions of Bakhtiari, Ghashghayi, Kurdistan and Azarbaijan; their standards in craft convey an essence of quality, art, value and time. Heidarian collections of modern and classic rugs are woven from finest wool and colored with natural materials in the Heidarian compounds.

Over the last decade, along with producing traditional carpet Heidarian has been creating and distributing new modern pattern giving traditional Persian rugs a unique twist.
Every knot, line, shape, color and pattern of Heidarian carpet is formed through creativity, art, philosophy and culture. Over the years Heidarian carpet has received resignation for their dedication to arts and crafts of Persian rug.

Today Heidarian fifth generation is embracing the craft of Persian rug; taking what has been passed on over the years in the industry and creating distinct pieces of craft that carry the seal of excellence and distinction.