How to tell if your Oriental Rugs are Valuable with Fox 5

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From stitching to repairs. What to look for when picking a repair house and what to expect as a price if selling, for your oriental rugs.
When a heirloom item or estate needs to be estimated for its worth, hiring an accredited and proven and acclaimed expert is where to begin. Research, resources, technical education, 43 years of experience and exposure to global antiques and art markets is necessary for that ‘exact’ estimate needed. All the major auction houses, a large number of New York’s affluent families, and Fortune 500 businesses rely on Lee Drexler and her firm, Esquire Appraisals Inc., for personal treasures or high profile estate and matrimonial appraisals.
Valuable fine art, antiques, furniture, Oriental rugs, Objets d’Art, china, collectables and jewelry appraisals are all within her spectrum of interest and skill. For an appraiser to be excellent, individual study abroad is required. Her in-depth study spans all the major Art Museums of Europe, China, Japan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Greece, Israel, Jordan Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Australia and the major art museums of The United States. Traveling and studying around the globe in 82 countries and her strong foundation of university education and certifications, makes her one of the most highly-qualified appraisers today.
She is a Senior member of The American Society of Appraisers since 1975, former President of the Hudson Valley- New York Chapter, former committee member of The Appraisers Association of America (NY chapter), author, expert witness at celebrity court proceedings, and frequent lecturer. Some of her clients include Dr. Ruth, Maya Angelou, Pavarotti, and Cyrus Vance. The United States Trust Company, CHUBB insurance Co., New York’s top law firms and banks are proud customers also —Morgan Stanley, American Express, and Merrill Lynch — to name a few. She has many stories to tell, such as in her book Fabulous Finds on Not only are accurate estimates of your precious belongings important, Lee also provides the guidance necessary to sell them at auction or private sale.
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