Pure Silk Oriental Kashmir Carpets & Rugs

For centuries now, families are known to have collected pure silk Kashmir carpets and rugs and have handed over the mantle of this treasured heirloom to the next generation.

World over, museums and palaces, have an unforgettable tale behind each of the displayed Kashmir carpet or rug an extraordinary saga of every such stunning Kashmir carpet or rug with unique designs and spectacular hues and colors.

Due to the fine nature of the silk fiber, the weaver (artist) can weave exceedingly high knots per square meter thus creating incomparable designs and rare motifs like Aredbill, Mashad, Sabzevar, Sarouk, Tabrez, Shalimar, and many such exquisite patterns and motifs.

All our pure silk Kashmir carpets & rugs are made with Persian styled knots, that means, the threads involved in tying a knot give the carpet added strength, durability and finer intricate design as compared with regular knotted carpets & rugs that often lead to mediocre or substandard workmanship and lesser life of the carpet or the rug.

It is for this reason, amongst many others, that our pure silk Kashmir carpets and rugs are termed as being the most superior in this category by connoisseurs who are unhesitating in proclaiming these as truly art collectibles.