Oriental Rugs Part I

Highlights of the production of our museum-quality Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and Caucasian rugs — including custom Oriental rugs from Richard Rothstein & Co. —

Scenes include weaving, dyeing (all-natural dyes), following of the cartoon (rug plot/graph), setting up of the loom, running of warps and wefts, washing, finishing of the fringe, and interviews with the weavers.

Among the rugs shown are Kazak rugs, Shirvan rugs, Kuba rugs, Karabagh rugs, prayer rugs, Serapi rugs, and Tabriz rugs.

As is the case with all Richard Rothstein & Co. Oriental rugs, the rugs are entirely handmade and hand woven by our master weavers — all of whom are adult women who learned the art of weaving from their sisters, mothers, and grandmothers.

They are all highly skilled artisans who earn more than their local teacher or policeman.