The Hand Made Kashmiri Carpet ! 2 Years in making.

Hand knotted Silk Carpets of Kashmir have a distinct identity in the world of Oriental carpets. Silk carpets made in Kashmir are finely knotted and can rarely be matched by other rug making countries for the spectrum of designs, resilient pile and vivacious colors.
The Kashmir Carpet industry flourished under the patronage of emperor Akbar and finest quality rugs were produced by the artisans for the royal courts of Moguls between 16th and 18th centuries. New Floral designs influenced by the beauty of Kashmir and unique color combination inspired by the natural floral and fauna of the valley added opulence and distinct look to these carpets. Further refinements were made to the design by using Silk in both warp and weft- silk being supple as well as strong.
The history and development of the carpet industry in Kashmir was associated with and influenced by the opulent lifestyles of its rulers, nobles, and aristocrats. The introduction of this industry into Kashmir dates back to the reign of Zain-ul-Abdin (Badshah), c1420 A. D. Hundreds of master craftsmen were invited to Kashmir from Persia. Some of the craftsmen settled in Kashmir and initiated rug weaving. This is perhaps due to an atmosphere conducive for this trade and also the great appreciation for these works of art.
Over the years, the hand-knotted Kashmiri Silk Carpets have been indomitable and priceless treasures that carpet connoisseurs can bring into their homes. These carpets have been enthralling enough to captivate people from every part of the world.

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