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Christmas Decorating ideas Christmas Decorations and how to Decorate your home for Christmas as Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you on a Tour of the beautiful Christmas Decorating she has completed in her own home for Christmas.
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How to Light your Christmas Tree:

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Ribbons bows and garland on your tree:
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Balls and Ornaments
Ornaments and Christmas Balls on a Christmas tree | Christmas Decorations

Old Book Wreath:
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This Christmas Video marks the first in a whole series of Christmas Decorating videos that will be uploaded in the coming weeks showing you how to recreate these looks in your own home. Robeson Design has become the most popular YouTube channel for Christmas Decorating ideas, tips and inspiration. Over the past 3 years, Robeson Design Christmas related videos have been watched by Millions of viewers eager to know how to spice up their own homes for the Holiday Season.
Watch as Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson invites you into her own home and reaches you how you too, can Live. Your. Style.


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How to Christmas Decorate your staircase

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