DJI Spark Drone Footage | Homestead Drone Tour

DJI Spark drone footage. Take a flying tour of our homestead. We are just learning how to fly a drone. We got some nice aerial footage, but we as still learning editing. We fly our drone with its remote, directional antenna booster, and a tablet for viewing. We got nowhere near the maximum height or distance it is capable of. And we have yet to fly it in sport mode. We do have the Fly More package, which includes 3 batteries for more flight time. It is not as large as the DJI Mavic, have as many features, and will not film in 4k – it films in 1080p instead. We hope to use the drone in our homesteading efforts to guide us in better planning the layout of the homestead, and being able to check things further away without having to walk several acres. We hope you enjoy the included drone footage.

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