Jeffrey Epstein Private Island – Little St. James, U.S.V.I.

2014 Aerial drone video of Little St. James.The island is owned privately by Jeffrey Epstein and is located southeast of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands.

The most interesting building sits atop the southwest bluffs. There has been much speculation about this structure with some claiming it was an observatory while others claim a temple. Hurricane Irma blew the dome off 9/7/17 revealing a flat roof with some equipment. The entire southwest corner of the island caught fire 4/6/18. Just 2 days prior, grid repair/upgrades from Hurricane Irma preceded a substation fire ( on neighboring St. John where underwater cables come ashore. However, the cliff site seems unlikely to bring cables ashore on Little St. James.

The island also has a man made beach, with a private dock near the primary residence complex at the northeastern point. There are various other villas, pool houses, and structures scattered across the island including a helicopter pad and small staging terminal. The operations and equipment structures are situated just to the south of the main residence complex on the northeastern point.