Los Angeles Mansion Tour $ 30 Million Dollar House Tour – Drone

This video gives you a private tour through one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious private estates. This property, years in the making, is currently listed for $30,000,000 ( yes thats 30 million) dollars and usually cannot be shown without a preapproval letter, bank statement, and preschedueld tour – until now. So come catch a glimpse of the lives of the super rich with us. Watch as we live like kings (for a few minutes anyway) enjoying this 9 bedroom 14 bath house that includes a massive infinity pool, underground car museum, 1000 bottle wine cellar, movie theather, home gym and spa, 3 kitchens, a library, and much much more! Its like million dollar listing without all the drama 🙂

These home tours are the perfect opportunity to get you creative woodworking juices flowing. Tons of furniture and ideas guys.

What an epic opportunity to fly my Mavic DJI Drone over a 30 million dollar listing.

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Stelios the Greek