Off-Grid Log Cabin – Drone Tour | I’m Scared of it All

This trap line cabin was built by my Grandfather 5 years ago, he received help from his trapping partner, his lovely wife, his son and partner, and myself.

As part of the series of log cabins I will be showing everyone this will always be one of my favourite off-grid locations. The coziness of the one room log cabin especially nestled into the deep snow and surrounded by towering Lodgepole pine trees. It feels like a safe house in a barren environment – protection in the middle of no where is a thing to find pride in.

There are multiple bear dens within ear shot of the cabin, and that is why the door and window are so sturdy. The previous window without bars received a shredding from a friendly neighbour hood black bear.

I have seen just about all this area has to offer in terms of wildlife; linx, weasel, pine martin, moose, deer, bear, and a plethora of beautiful song birds.

It really is a piece of serenity separated by hundreds of kilometers, and hundreds of years of home building history from the urban sprawl.


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Im Scared of it All – Robert Service
Read from Rhymes of a Rolling stone – published in 1912


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