20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Velvet Dress This Fall

Here are 20 style tips on how to wear a velvet dress to give you some style inspiration.

So many ’90s trends are back in style that it only makes sense for velvet dresses to be back too. I am personally very excited. I grew up with velvet dresses as a Thing, and I always loved them. They made me feel special and dressed up and fancy, and for some reason, I associated a lot of them with Christmas, which is always a nice memory. I watched girls who were way older and cooler than me layer them over white t-shirts and look awesome or wear them with chokers and look equally awesome and kind of badass in a feminine way. I was a kid, and so I didn’t have the chance to do those things – instead, my mom put me in crushed velvet dresses with lace collars and a matching velvet headband.

But now I’m an adult and I can wear a velvet dress however I want! I don’t have to look like a living doll anymore. I’m just… feeling a little stumped. So, I looked into a bunch of different ways to wear a velvet dress and wanted to share them with you guys. While they can seem very fancy they definitely don’t have to. It’s also the perfect material for fall and winter weather because it’s warm and cozy. And honestly, it’s fun to just feel it as you’re wearing it because it’s really soft. These are a big trend right now – trying to go to Urban Outfitters without wanting to buy one, I dare you – so go buy one!

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