Astrology : Date Outfits *Fall/Winter* feat. Myro

*psssst* Look into your date’s Venus sign too 🙂

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Love you guys; hope you enjoyed my first real styling video!
Video was inspired a bit by Allegra Shaw’s style videos. Credit where credit is due 🙂

I love style so much, and using it to communicate my affection for people. Isn’t it funny how that works? You can wear a sweater someone gave you years ago to remind them you still care for and wear items that make you think of them, or, like me, you can wear neon workout clothes because your boyfriend adores neon. 😉 It’s less about catering to the other person or “changing” for them and more about being intentional with what you wear, if that’s your kind of thing. It’s the little things that can actually make getting dressed for a date very romantic.

Thanks so much to Myro for partnering with me on this video and sharing their amazing product with me so generously, and thanks for the very kind offer they’ve shared with my Starbabies! 50% off? Heeeeelll yes.



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