DIY Crafts: How to Make Paper Gift Bag using as Chocolate Gift Basket

Easy DIY Paper Gift Bag can be used as Chocolate Gift Basket or Cookies Gift Basket

Surprise your loved ones on their special occasion by making paper gift bag from your hands.

This Crafting Hours video will teach you how to make small paper bags out of paper which you can use as Chocolate Gift Basket.

In this DIY Crafts video, you will learn to make attractive paper bags with dots and thread.

We will use the amazing folding technique of Origami to make these paper bags, hence you can also call them Origami gift box.

Choose any three crafting sheets of your choice and have a collection of colored sketch pens ready with you. Then follow the procedure in this video to make hand crafted paper gift bags which you can use in the festive season.

If you liked these paper bags with dots and thread made from this crafting activity, do not forget to share it with your friends and help them make similar items from paper.

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