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Learn how to make paper bags for gifts quickly and easily from wrapping paper. This DIY tutorial is super fun and easy to do

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– Some pretty gift wrapping paper
– A pair of scissors
– Transparent double sided tape
– A Ribbon
– A Hole puncher

For the 1st bag:
– Roll out some wrapping paper and place your gift in the center
– Measure how much you will need to cover the gift and cut the paper accordingly
– Now fold the right side of the paper so it meets in the centre and overlap the left side on top of it. Now tape it using double sided tape
– Fold the bottom of the paper up about 3-4inches to create the base of the bag
– The bigger you want your bag to be the deeper you need to make this fold, but i find that this is a good distance.
– Separate the two piece of wrapping paper and flatten out the corner to create a diamond shape
– Now fold the top and the bottom corners to meet in the centre and tape it
– Open the bag and place your gift inside
– Fold the top of the bag over, grab the hole puncher and punch two holes
– Put the ribbon through the hole and tie a knot

For the 2nd bag:
– Pull out wrapping paper and measure the size of the gift and cut the paper
– Fold the top of your gift bag up by 1 to 2 inches. Folding it over like this reinforces the top of your gift bag and makes it stronger.
– Now fold the right and left side of the paper to meet in the centre and tape it using double sided tape
– Fold in the sides of your bag so the edges of the diamonds meet. –
– Press down and crease firmly. Open these folds back out, flip your bag over and repeat on the other side.
– Pop open your bag and push the sides into place.
– For a stronger base trace around the bottom of the bag onto a card paper.
– Cut it out and trim a bit so it fits in easily inside.
– Glue the card paper and press it down to the bottom of the bag
– Punch holes and thread through some ribbon and knot it on each side.
– Add a gift tag to make it look a little fancy

And there you have it! A pretty cool gift bag options that doesn’t take a lot of work!

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