Gift Wrapping Ideas: How to use a Gift Bag & Tissue Paper

Do you have trouble wrapping gifts in a gift bag without wrinkling your tissue paper? See how party planning pro Betsy Pruitt wraps in gift bags with tissue paper that stays crisp and beautiful.

First, stack two pieces of tissue paper, patterned side down, in the shape of a plus sign. Then place your gift on its side in the center of the tissue paper. The bottom of your gift should be approximately in the center with the top of your gift toward the corners of the tissue paper. Fold the tissue paper up around the sides of your gift, touching and squishing the paper as little as possible to minimize wrinkles. Gently side the gift into your gift bag. Tap the gift bag on your table a few times to get the gift to slide all the way into the bag. Fluff up the tissue paper by pulling the corners upwards. If you need a little extra tissue paper to hide your gift inside the bag, grab the center of a piece of tissue paper, patterned side up, and with a flick of your wrist, gather the tissue into a cluster with the points facing up. Slide this gently into the center of your gift bag and fluff if needed. That’s all it takes to beautifully wrap a gift inside a gift bag with tissue paper. Visit for more gift wrapping ideas.