Goodie Bag Ideas | Goody Bags are Good Party Fun

Goodie Bag Ideas | Goody Bags are Good Party Fun

Parties generate a lot of take home items and goodie bags are reasonable party expenditures because of this. The variety available allows for just the right goodie bags to match with just the right occasion.

Every color imaginable has its place at themed birthday parties or holiday get-togethers. Easter parties are the perfect place for the pink, yellow, green or blue pastel goodie bags. Christmas decorations have changed over the years to include a wider palette of colors so that goodie bags of midnight blue or even earth tones can be used to match existing decorations or tableware.

Goodie bags are perfectly sensible for scout meetings and other group activities in which games generate prizes or other accomplishments are rewarded with patches or certificates which will need to be carried home. These can be sadly lost in the confusion of large rambunctious occasions. Issuing everyone a goodie bag with a few items inside will eliminate some of this problem. Writing names on the goodie bags will also help.

It saves time if the participants are all given a name tag to fill at the beginning of the meeting or party which they can stick onto their own goodie bag.
Also if lots of different colors are used and children are allowed to choose their own it helps them locate their own later when things start getting more active.

Adult party guests often like to take home small items too. Sometimes these things don’t include prizes as much as a sample of deserts for those at home. Goodie bags are a pretty good idea for cookie exchange parties. Each person brings a dozen cookies to a buffet table. They each collect one cookie from a dozen different plates. Plastic wrap and larger goodie bags are safe ways to transport these back home.