DIY Halloween Props – Graveyard Skeleton (Portable and Easy!)

Jaimie and Jay take a basic Halloween store skeleton and turn him into a gravecrawler with a completely portable (and storable) mound of dirt.


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It’s finally October…the best time of the year!! We make lots of props, decorations, and awesome stuff this time of year and our new skeleton gravecrawler halloween prop is the newest thing we’ve added to our DIY Halloween decor.

These Halloween props are definitely easy to make. You can absolutely follow along at home and make this with some basic materials. If you’re looking for a fun weekend project to upgrade your Halloween decorations, this DIY project is perfect.

Plastic Posable Skeleton –
Spray Foam –
Black Spray Paint –
Hot Glue –
Spray Adhesive –
Epoxy Putty –
Nitrile/Latex Gloves –
Blue Painter’s Tape –

Hot Glue Gun –
Heat Gun –
Rasp –