DIY Halloween Props – SUPER EASY Cemetery Fence!

Jaimie & Jay make a super easy DIY Halloween fence! Learn how to make a homemade Halloween fence from cheap, simple wood and tools you probably already have. This DIY Halloween Prop is definitely something you should add to your list this season!




Every year we do a huge Halloween haunt set up in our yard. We have a big fenced in graveyard, lots of ghosts and skeletons, and a lot of other DIY Halloween props that we’ve made throughout the years. One of the simplest things we’ve made is this cheap and easy fence that wraps around our yard. It’s made from simple pine that we got at the big box store and only costs about $3 per section. Each year we build a couple more and expand it a little further.

These are SUPER SIMPLE to make and a lot of fun!

We’re new to making videos so we’d love to hear your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of the build! Want to see us make something? Let us know below!

• 1″ x 2″ Pine Strips
• 0.25″ x 2″ Pine Lattice Strips (Optional)
• Brown Twine –
• Outdoor Wood Glue –
• Brown/Red Wood Stain or Paint
• Stretchy Halloween Spider/Cob Webbing –

• Saw –
• Hammer & Nails (or Brad Nailer, etc.)
• Scissors –
• Measuring Tape –
• Pencil
• Hot Glue Gun (Optional) –

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