Motorized Halloween Props Ideas – Fun Spooky Animated Decorations (DIY)

Easy moving Halloween decorations you can make. How to wire up some electric motorized props that can move in the windows of a house. We love the window rear projection displays and scenes in windows of houses for Halloween and Christmas. Here is a behind the scenes easy alternate idea you can do with your display. The Halloween Prop That Makes Heads Turn is back!!! These two peeking Motorized Halloween Props decorations lived inside the upstairs floor of Dr. Dekay’s Dentist Office just above the Barber Shop in our old western ghost town called Grave Rock Gulch. They scanned the town looking for the next victims walking through the old western town. This years yard haunt was filled with all kids of details and props both static and animated. This is a do it yourself Halloween animated prop how to make and operate video that shares a quick and ghetto life size props made with an oscillating fan and foam head and reindeer motor. It’s one of many animated severed head turning prop ideas out there and is quite effective. They both can be placed in several dark and mysterious places like a hallway in our home haunt walk through maze. This is by far one of the simplest props to make and can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. Whatever your display or theme is for Halloween skulls, ghosts, monsters, zombies, or scary bald dudes, making turning heads with fans is a Haunters favorite past time build. Be careful not to screw into any wires and always work on props when they are unplugged. Oscillating fans can over heat if they don’t have enough air circulation. First find the fan we had this one in our house and it even comes with a remote. Then I looked for a nice location to attach an end cap to a 1/2 inch PVC pipe and screwed it into place. Then I stuck a short length of PVC into the pipe fitting and placed the foam head over the pipe.

How to make the head turning prop

Animated Halloween Prop – Moving Prop Idea That Makes Heads Turn – (DIY)

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Motorized Halloween Props Ideas – Fun Spooky Animated Decorations (DIY)