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This Easy DIY Gardening Idea and Hack can start rooting within 5 Days. A step by step and quick do it yourself project on how to construct an easy DIY plant cloner device to grow plants from cuttings faster with guaranteed success in growing plants from stem cuttings – that’s called CLONING.
Its an extremely easy, do it yourself project and costs about 2 to 5 dollars. And most importantly it speeds up the rooting of plant cuttings in water and can produce roots no time, depending on the plant you choose.

Check surprising results at the end of this video.

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Air Pump, Tube and AirStone Pack:

Net Pots:

Hydroponics Kit:

Mini Drip Irrigation Kit:


– Most of these things can be purchased online and I have provided all links to purchase some of these at

We will use some simple concepts like Nitrogen draining concept and the Oxygenation concept which we learnt in our previous video in building our Simple Plant Cloner Device. You can grow any plant from cuttings using this method like grow rose cuttings, grow hibiscus cuttings or any plant. The rate of root development what we call root fast will depends on the type of plant.

So, lets start building this device step by step.

1. THINGS YOU NEED or Parts of this Cloner:

– The CHAMBER (container holding water and cuttings):
– The Top Platform which suspends cuttings into the chamber:

In this video we will build the simplest form of this plant cloner or bubbler device and how to contruct it easily with various options for fast root development. We will look into hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics in our next video.

– Air-Pump, Airline Tube and Air-stone. Yes! All these are aquarium stuff. This is based on the oxygenation concept.

– Then to insert cuttings, you can use any hack and make a point in your top platform. The main idea is to hold cuttings in place. This is just to hold the cuttings in place. If you have any more ideas on this please share with us in the comment box below the video.

Insert your cuttings and then Just drop this sheet into the chamber and switch on.

If you have any suggestions or improvisations on this DIY project, do let us know in the comments section below the video.

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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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