अपने माता पिता को बचपन मे खो देने और स्कूलिंग गांव के सरकारी स्कूल मे करने के बाद भी अकेले ही कठिनाईयों से लड़कर भुवनेश ने अपनी राह खुद बनाई और वर्तमान मे वो एक Govt. English लेक्चरर और यूथ मोटिवेटर है|

Bhuvnesh Swami is a synonym of struggle, patience and never giving up attitude. Losing both parents in adolescence and schooling at a small village in Hindi medium didn’t stop him from making a mark in life. He started his career by giving home tuition at the age of 14 and did odd jobs to support himself. Presently he is working as a Govt. English lecturer and youth motivator. His only aim in life is to inspire youth to pursue their dreams with zeal and commitment. Through his Facebook page and You Tube channel he solves every possible kind of problem related to youth that they face in studies and life.

With this channel Bhuvnesh Swami wishes to provide Guidance to the Youth to Set Big Targets in Life and Follow Them With Passion.

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Royalty Free Music | Victory - Hip Hop Beat | No Copyright Instrumental


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