5 Life-Changing Books YOU NEED to READ in 2020

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We’re going to be talking about the five best books to read in 2020 if you haven’t read one of these books, promise, it’s going to be a game changer for you now. Yes, some of these you might’ve heard them. Don’t look, don’t cheat guys. No cheating, no peeking, no posting in the comments, a list of all the books so you don’t have to watch the video. And before I rant about that, guys, I’m so fricking excited to share with you. I’m gonna give you one sneak peek and then we’re going to get into this video right there. That’s all you get. May or may not be doing a series for you called Fastback freedom Friday where you and me are driving around in my a 65 Fastback. Can’t wait just talking about freedom, earning your freedom. Before I get down that rabbit hole, let me take a seat.

The way of the superior man. This is by David Deida. I love this book. The big idea from it and why I love it and why it’s a life changer for you. If you haven’t read it talks about one concept called polarity. Sometimes known as dualism that everything has a night in a day and up in a down East and a West. And regardless of gender or sexual preference, we have masculine and feminine energies. Okay? The masculine energy and we all have it, um, is to go out to achieve, to be more productive, like laser targeted focus. And there’s a feminine energy, which is more like be in the moment, be present, give relationships, nurturing, all that stuff and that’s balanced. So you need to balance it in yourself first, right? You need the masculine. Like for example, in my early twenties, probably like 18 to 25, man, I was full blown masculine energy, just like achieve, grind, hustle, those kinds of words.

What do you think about when you think of the word grind and hustle to grind something is literally grind into like a salt shaker into a granular form. Do you want to grind yourself? That doesn’t sound like the best way to go about life. So now that I’ve embraced this almost feminine energy approach focused more on relationships and spirituality, even emotional fulfillment, man, I have a new sense of energy. And really feel my life not outwardly is changing cause that’s like an a masculine approach, right? Where you get the car, the house, the bank account. Internally, I feel like my life is changing where you wake up, not as stressed, not as anxious about things that you can ease into things and have a similar result. So that is way the superior man loved that book. That’s the fifth one. It’s talking about getting rich.

You want to talk about getting rich? I will teach you to be rich. I won’t, but this guy will bada Bing, bada boom. I mean Sadie both additions right here so you can tell this is a good book. I will teach you to be rich. I read this book on my first us tour in like 2017 I would wake up every morning at 5:00 AM go to the back of our tour bus going through like Iowa or Nebraska or something. Right. It was a lot to do out there and so I was reading this in the back of the tour bus and the guys in my band would come back like, Oh yeah, you’re going to get rich with that book. They teach me how to be rich. Maybe you’re someone right now who’s a little overwhelmed with finances. Do you ever think about that? Like, Oh man, I should be saving money.

I should be investing. I should know more about this or ah, but I’ll, I’ll put it off. I’ll put it off till I have more money till you know I have a better job. [inaudible] you’re the exact person that needs this book and needs to get started today because the sooner you put off finances, the less money you’re going to have and actually the more stress it will be. Ignorance is not bliss with money. It’s straight up is not. That’s one huge lesson I learned in my twenties look, I was in a similar spot. Maybe you’re at, I don’t know where you’re at, but I can imagine if you’re someone who’s making under 60 K a year and you got bills you need to got to pay for and stuff. I was like, you know what? I’ll start saving. Once I make a lot of money, then I’ll have more money to play with, or I’ll start looking at my money once I know more about it.

But the sooner you start, you invest in compounding and your money starts working for you, like the rich get richer. That’s why that 1% keeps growing, growing, growing, and growing like this to a much less extent. That’s how your finances work personally…

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